Website Uptime & Health Monitoring

24x7 professional monitoring for your website, DNS records, SSL certificates & sensitive files

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How to keep your Website Healthy

Monitoring your website involves more than checking it's online.

  • What if your site has broken links or images?
  • What if your DNS records have changed?
  • What if your SSL Certificate is invalid?
  • What if a sensitive file is accidentally uploaded?
  • What if your content is hurting your SEO?

All of these issues can cause you to lose visitors, leads or sales.

24x7 Uptime Checks

Your sites are monitored from four key locations around the globe. North America - East Coast & West Coast, Europe and Asia.

Find broken links & images

Your content is just as important as your website being up. Your site is crawled daily to catch those forgotten image uploads or links to old pages haven't been updated.

SSL Certificate validity

We validate your SSL Certificate and send you renewal reminders. If you use Let's Encrypt we'll catch those times the auto-renewal fails

DNS Changes

DNS is the telphone book for the internet, if someone accidentally changes your DNS information it can knock your website or email offline for days. We monitor your DNS information so you know if something changes.

Mixed Content

If you have an SSL certificate on your website you may update your website to link to the HTTP version of one of your other pages instead of using the https:// link. This shows as an error to your visitors, we catch these errors and email you so you can fix them.

Security Checks

There are several ways your website can be compromised, there may be files uploaded containing your passwords or a file showing your website code configuration. We run checks several times a day looking for common sensitive files that may leak out on your site.


Uptime checks


Individual Checks

365 days

Data Retention


Global Locations

Features at your fingertips

We know you're busy that's why we only notify you when and how you want.

Need some stats for that end of month report, no problem.

Want to export your data, it's a click away.

Alert different teams at different times in different ways.

Analytics & Reporting

Built in reports and charts allow you to gain valuable insights on your website.

Alerts how you want them

Alerts by SMS, Email, Slack, Webhooks or Pushover on a schedule to suit you.

Maintenance Windows

Temporarily disable checks during your website maintenance times.

Data Exports

Simple one click access to your data, easily download all of your information.

SEO Inspections

Detect issues that may hurt your SEO such as missing alt tags or bad internal links.

Customisable Checks

Need to check for specific files or text on pages, you're in full control.

Request Early Access

Request early access before we launch, keep your site online and your visitors happy.