Monitor your: Uptime DNS SSL Certificate Broken Links & Images

Uptime checks every minute of every day

SSL Certificate validity & renewal checks every hour

Backup DNS records & detect changes every hour

Your website crawled for broken links & images every day

Find website problems before your visitors do

Every change to your website runs the risk of breaking it, whether it's a new page, a blog post or adding a product to your online store

Humans are bad at finding errors and, well, they are human!

Our watchdogs are relentless, efficient and focused, over 20 checks are run on your website every visit and will tell you about problems before your visitors do

  • Is your site down and you don't know it?
  • Is your SSL Certificate expiring or misconfigured?
  • Does your website have broken links or missing images?
  • Has someone broken your DNS making your site unreachable?
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We've Got Your Back You're in control with schedules and reports

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24 x 7 x 365 global monitoring

Your sites are monitored from four key locations around the globe.

North America - East Coast & West Coast, Europe and Asia.

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Broken link & image checks

Your content is just as important as your website being up.

Your site is crawled daily to catch those forgotten image uploads or links to old pages haven't been updated.

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SSL Certificate checks

We'll validate your SSL Certificate and send you renewal reminders.

If you use Let's Encrypt we'll catch those times the auto-renewal fails.

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Alerts where you want them

Receive alerts how and when you want them.

Email, Slack, SMS, Push or webhooks.

Choose which type of alerts are sent depending on the time of day.

Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & reporting

Get activity reports every day, week or month automatically to your inbox.

See how reliable your web site is, how much downtime you had, and list of broken links and images.

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Custom schedules

Create your own custom schedules to avoid false positives when you have planned maintenance.

Pause or turn off any of our checks you don't want or only have them active during certain hours.

We do the work, you get the glory How it works, from checks to alerts


Watchdogs do...
20+ website checks


Watchdogs detect...
problems & errors


Watchdogs send...
instant notifications


You... save the day
and take all the glory

Be an online superhero with our help Which type of website do you have?

Web Agencies: It's essential

Know about problems before your clients do

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Bloggers: Get peace of mind

Keep your blog content online

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eCommerce: Stop lost sales

Keep your customers coming back

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